Welcome to the home of The Panhandle Cowboys. Monthly matches are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Escambia River Gun Club (ERGC) range. Monthly matches consist of Four or Six Stages (40 - 60 rounds-Pistol, 40 - 60 rounds-Rifle, 24-36 rounds-Shotgun). Optional side matches are sometimes scheduled following the main match and may include activities such as derringer, long range rifle, or wild bunch competitions.

Everyone is invited to take a nostalgic trip back to the later half of the 1800's and experience the guns and attire of the Old West. Members are more than willing to explain the rules and procedures of the sport. It is usually possible to set up interested guests to shoot a stage or two following the main match.

The club is sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). SASS has over 100,000 members worldwide. This organization establishes the firearm, ammunition and attire requirements for the various shooting categories. In general, firearms required are two pistols, one rifle and one shotgun, all manufactured prior to 1900. Originals and reproductions are acceptable, but very few originals are used for the competition. Detailed requirements are available in the Shooter's Handbook available on the SASS WebSite.

Typical Match Schedule:

  • Setup - 7:30-8:00 am
  • Sign-up - 8:00-8:45 am
  • Shooter's Brief - 8:45 am
  • Shootin' Starts - 9:00 am

Regular match fee: $15.00
Waddies*: $10.00.

* waddies are cowboys that assist in the setup and teardown of the shooting stages


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